‘BURBISZKI’ Press release

No sex, no plot, just beauty!

A visual movie without words. In the tradition of films like “Koyaanisqatsi”, “The Tree of Life” and going back even further “Berlin Symphony of a Great City”. Moving pictures to music is considered “pure cinema”. The idea to look closely but see far. To see the infinite in the local. Nature inspired the composers and the music has inspired the filmmaker. Music from Beethoven, Eric Satie, Grieg, Holst, Bach, Dvorak,and Mussorgsky. Shot over two years in a rural backwater on the Polish Lithuanian border.

Director Camera: Maxim Ford

Born in Bristol, UK, after seeing Wadja’s Kanal on the BBC when he was 11, dreamed of studying in the Polish Film School. He succeeded in getting a place and the school and spent a year learning Polish. He finished school and returned to work in the UK. He made two documentaries on Polish politics. Five years ago he decided to move to Poland. He bought a house on the Polish Lithuanian border.

Aerial and Underwater Cinematographer: Robert Woznialis

Runs an advertising, film and photography business in Sejny.

Sound Supervisor: Slawek Walczyk

Sound engineer working at the Polish Film School.

Trailer www.vimeo.com/manage/videos/483224489

Website www.noproducers.com

Facebook  www.facebook.com/MovieBurbiszki

Any questions and for online viewing link please e-mail maximford51@gmail.com. Please state for which organisation you work for.

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