FNAQ  (Frequently Not Asked Questions)

What is a producer?

He is a shopper. He cannot do anything himself so he employs people.

A scriptwriter. A director, camera and sound crew …

He tries to pay as little as possible.

He will ask a technician “What is your rate?”, and then say we only have X in the budget.

He will get the crew to work long hours to save on camera rental.

He will waste money on expensive meals, first-class travel and hotels for himself and his cronies.

He will give others like him executive producer credits.

He will think that meetings and writing cheques is creative.

 What does an Executive Producer do?

Who knows, but their numbers are rising, and the more there are the worse the film.

But you have a credit as an Executive Producer?

Funny isn’t it?  It does not mean anything.

Don’t you need producers to make films?

No, you need money to make films, you do need production management to organise and plan the making of the film.

Why do you call the website ‘No Producers’?

Because we make films without the money men, we look forward to a time when all films will be made by filmmakers and not businessmen or speculators. To when films are considered a form of speech, language art, not made for profit or to sell popcorn.