Wapping - The Workers Story

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70 minutes Widescreen, 16:9 Colour
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A modern-day Citizen Kane told from the worker’s point of view. The story of a strike/lockout caused by tycoon Murdoch sacking 6000 of his workers to increase profits. The film exposes the deep and enduring immorality at the heart of the News International Empire.

The defeat of this workers strike led to the falling wages and corporate control of the media of today. The loss of this historical struggle has affected the lives of the 99% for the worst.

The film is totally funded by donations with no corporate support.

Directed by Chris Reeves


  • Hollywood Hills Film Awards Best Documentary, Best Director
  • European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) Finalist
  • Anatolia International Film Festival
  • Anarchy Film Festival
  • ProToPost – Communism International Film Festival
  • Rome Independent Prisma Awards
  • KinoDUEL International Film Festival
  • CARE Awards Finalist


Director: Chris Reeves
Camera: Chris Reeves / Andrew Berekdar / Barbara Nicholls Denis Cullum
Sound: Chris Reeves / Andrew Berekdar
Editing: Chris Reeves / Peter Cox
Editor for News international Dispute
Archive: Ann Field
Narration: Lisa Villiers
Original Music: Alan Gibson
Secret Letter voice: Chris Adamson
Animation: Tim Sanders
Executive Producer: Maxim Ford


Morning Star Review

Morning Star Review

“Expertly shot and superbly edited, the film is a moving testimony to the men and women who provide a day-by-day, blow-by-blow narration of the battle as it unfolded.”

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